Tricia Schafer



Since 1995, I have represented individuals and businesses in commercial litigation matters, transactional filings, and alternative dispute resolution proceedings. I continue to draw upon this business law experience in the context of project management.

I have worked with high-caliber litigation teams on a variety of matters, including:

  • Representation of a major residential developer in a class action dispute with homeowners regarding utility rates.
  • Representation of a major homebuilder in a $22 million dispute with other builders regarding construction and development plans.
  • Representation of family-owned business in dispute with large national company regarding intellectual property rights and an exclusive manufacturing agreement.
  • Representation of hospital in dispute with insurance company regarding payment and reimbursement issues. 
  • Representation of insurance company in dispute with statewide public official regarding whether highly-publicized alleged misconduct occurred in course and scope of duties.
  • Representation of family-owned franchisee in contract dispute with national restaurant chain. 
  • Representation of medical and accounting firms on matters relating to departing professionals, breaches of loyalty, professional malpractice allegations, and solicitation/ competition.

Complex litigation is time consuming and expensive. And frankly, I'd rather be running. For these reasons, my practice as an attorney is to counsel businesses and individuals to consider creative and effective strategies to prevent and resolve disputes.


Personal Fitness Training Lawyer Professional

  • Founded in 2003, Starting Now Fitness LLC has empowered many dozens of friends, colleagues, and their referrals to achieve and maintain physical fitness, flexibility, and endurance, thus improving their stamina in their professional and personal endeavors.
  • Since 2014, Starting Now Fitness has extended these services to Arizona's Finest Lawyers Foundation community, through its Fit to Practice® lawyer wellness program.
  • As the founder and sole trainer at Starting Now Fitness, I enjoy working with fitness clients at my Scottsdale Waterfront studio, FitCrew in Phoenix, and online.  

"Tricia is an exceptional personal trainer.  In addition to working with me on strength and agility, Tricia helps me to stay focused on attaining a healthy work-life balance.  As a fellow attorney, Tricia knows that balance is often elusive, and she understands the stresses and challenges faced by legal professionals.  I greatly appreciate her flexibility and positive attitude, which help keep me committed to my fitness and life goals." Lori Voepel, Partner, Jones Skelton & Hochuli PLC

"Training with Tricia helped me keep my commitment to getting healthy and staying in shape. Every session left me more and more motivated..."  Maureen Kane, The Legal Writing Coach

"Tricia's an outstanding attorney, but her real passion is physical fitness and helping others achieve optimal health at any stage in their life. She's an inspiration in that regard to all who know her, and she's a joy to work with in any capacity!" Mark Lassiter, The Lassiter Law Firm



  • "Tricia is a strong legal writer with a good grasp of the law and the facts in whatever case she is working on. Just as importantly, she writes like a human being, in a way that is calculated to persuade." Charles S. Price, Member, Dickinson Wright PLLC
  • “I’ve enjoyed working with Tricia, originally while representing adversaries at large firms, and more recently with her as a contract lawyer in my boutique appellate practice. Tricia consistently and enthusiastically delivers well-written and thoroughly-researched work product, and makes a meaningful contribution to any litigation team.” Robert A. Mandel, Principal, Mandel Young plc